With Love and Light

People are natural explorers of spirituality, life after death, ghosts, and phenomenon. I have seen and heard spirits since birth and now I want to tell you what I have learned With Love and Light.

Psychic phenomena is not an exact science. It contains portions of trust, faith, and love (intangible and immeasurable attributes). These undefinables provoke people to be explorers sparked by the mystery of spirituality, life after death, ghosts, and other unexplainable phenomenon. I know this first hand because my life has unfolded in an unusual way—since birth I have seen and heard spirits (clairvoyance and clairaudience). I have worked world wide as a psychic medium and channel since I was eighteen years old.
My memoir, With Love and Light, offers a new, fresh, and youthful voice of psychic phenomena and recognizes the overwhelming public demand for connection and confirmation of the world beyond our senses. I creatively reveal the challenges of mediumship coupled with my most personal pivotal moments of living with this unique ability. This book covers how a family handles living with a psychic child, games that spirits play, my decision to assist others through my gift, and more.

In contrast to the serious side, my book offers a candid and humorous discussion of spirits’ involvement in humans’ daily lives, including questions and answers that delve into matters not often discussed, such as suicide, invasion of privacy, location of spirits and death. Also, With Love and Light offers an opportunity to vicariously experience a mediumistic interaction through eleven diverse first hand accounts which depicts their connections with the spirit world through me.

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  1. Lori Moseley
    March 21, 2022

    Hi Mrs. Jamie, my name is lori, bth dt 3/16/1966. May i have a free resding? Thank you!


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