how i read

Hello Luminaire, I am currently taking a limited amount of phone appointments weekly and focusing more on teaching people how to communicate with their loved ones in spirit. I am grateful to still offer sessions and wish everyone an opportunity to communicate with their loved ones and guides. 

There are many ways to communicate with spirit; clairvoyance; the ability to see beyond, clairsentient; the ability to feel beyond, clairaudient; the ability to hear beyond and claircognizant; the ability to know beyond. Everyone has the potential to communicate with their guides and loved ones.  “What you choose to believe in is your own truth.”

When I do a reading, I hear the voice of spirit both externally and internally in my head. I also see spirits and energy fields the same as I see any living being, except they are transparent. Occasionally spirits will provide a still or moving image in my mind’s eye, which is similar to look at a photograph or viewing a film.

The guides who appear for a session are as visually real to me as any three-dimensional being. I can see their body, but their image is transparent enough that I can see the objects behind them. Clothing, tattoos, jewelry and even birthmarks can come through with clarity. Spirits present themselves in various ways, commonly the spirits appear the way the client last remembers them, but they can also appear as they were when they passed, or looking the age they felt best when they were living.

For the session, I become a translator, conveying words, emotions and gestures of the spirit speaking. I stay neutral and detached in my readings and am able to translate with respect and tolerance, regardless of the topic. There is a balance of spirit providing information and the client’s asking questions, but remember – the quality of the question usually equals the quality of the answer! Take the time to explore the questions you would like to ask your loved ones and guides prior to your reading.

It is important to remember that spirit is energy and therefore responds in terms of energy. Specific, fact-based questions do not translate well in the spirit world. The details of our Earthly plane do not completely transfer, and they speak and communicate more in the way of emotions and feelings. Questions are best when they are asked from the heart, not the head.

Readings (sessions) are half an hour or one hour in length and can have one additional person on the call if desired. I ask you to come prepared with questions so we may use your time wisely. Please note spirit and myself are very mindful of your time and we ask of this in return.

If you are interested in booking a session, please click here.

I feel blessed to assist people through my readings, my classes and events!  Please visit my calendar for upcoming events and classes, as well as my show, The Lighter Side Show for all our newest information on living a balanced, “whole” life, both mind, body and spirit!

I am grateful for your time, thank you for visiting!

Much love to you~