Timelines and Creating Our Reality

Watch the Episode HERE. Messages from Another Dimension: Timelines and Creating Our Reality – Jamie Butler channels Maitland

If you don’t come away from this episode feeling uplifted and nourished, then I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. I was absolutely delighted to be the very first person to ever interview Maitland, a higher dimensional spirt who has been channeled for decades by the incredible Jamie Butler. Uncover the mind-bending revelation of how laughter and play can shape your spiritual journey in ways you never imagined.

Join us as we journey through dimensions and timelines with Maitland to explore the profound impact of joy and belief systems on our existence. She also shares profound secrets of 2024 and how to embrace a whole new perspective on your reality. Are you ready to discover the power of your own beliefs? 

In this episode, you will be able to: Gain insights into multidimensionality and how to channel them for personal development. Explore healing techniques and altered states of consciousness for a deeper understanding of self. Understand the connection between collective consciousness and individualized spiritual experiences. Embrace change by seeking factual information and opening up to new possibilities for spiritual expansion.

Renowned trans channeler Jamie Butler brings through Maitland, a higher dimensional energy, in this enlightening episode. With over 30 years of experience in channeling Maitland, Jamie’s expertise and encouragement for students to engage with this energy shows the depth of their spiritual connection. Maitland’s unique ability to simplify complex concepts and her mission to bring joy to humanity, along with helping individuals connect with their multidimensional selves, brings through an insightful and enjoyable conversation on spiritual growth.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:06 – Introduction to Maitland
00:04:41 – Maitland’s Background and Purpose
00:12:17 – Maitland’s Dimensional Existence
00:13:50 – Layered Atmospheres
00:16:14 – Individual Dimensional Perception
00:17:01 – The Challenge of Applying Finite Words to Subtle Energy
00:21:26 – The Collective Consciousness of Home
00:24:23 – Human Death Experience and Afterlife Beliefs
00:27:25 – The Power of Beliefs and Higher Consciousness
00:30:46 – The Empowerment of Human Potential
00:33:31 – Altered States of Consciousness and Healing Techniques
00:35:45 – Influence of Mass Consciousness on Timelines
00:39:47 – Understanding Destiny and Free Will
00:46:52 – Living in Absolute Possibility
00:49:25 – The Opportunity for Harmony and Peace
00:51:23 – The Power of 2024
00:52:46 – Embracing Change and Technology
00:54:08 – Seeking Neutral Facts
00:56:17 – Farewells and Future Conversations

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