The Self-Consciousness Podcast Ep54: Jamie Butler, Psychic Medium

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Jamie Butler is a lifelong Medium, Media-Personality, Author, and Educator working internationally for over 30 years. She thrives on helping wake people up to their infinite possibilities for healing, joy, and success by sharing her deep knowledge of subtle light energy through hosting experiences, classes, and workshops. Jamie uses humor to help shift perspectives and let go of learned behavior. Jamie’s followers have dubbed themselves the Luminaires, those who shine light. She is the founder of The Center for Love and Light and author of With Love and Light: A True Story About an Uncommon Gift .

I am incredibly giddy about our talk today, as Jamie’s work has had a profound impact on my personal psychic journey. We talk about the different kinds of channeling, what it feels like to be psychic, lessons from the other side, tapping into different energetic states, how we treat the land, and much more! There is a lot of laughter in this episode and I definitely embarrass myself multiple times. Join our energetic container for some fresh perspective on psychic mediumship!

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