noun: verity
a true principle or belief, especially one of fundamental importance.

Life is fast paced these days and the one-day classes and intensive workshops aren’t enough for empathic, highly sensitive and psychic people to integrate their work. We need time to connect to the material and embody it, not just learn it. So many times we are left to our own demises after a class with no instructor to check in with, just a lot of links and encouraging memes…..well, not any more. 

Over seven months you will embark on a 282+ hour certification program getting you aligned with your craft, passion and business goals all while practicing receiving. Eight experts in their field will be with you as you gain more clarity about your purpose and life’s mission. Jamie designed this online certification process to be in bite sized pieces so you can still take on what life is dishing while you are making plans to be an entrepreneur in the energy reading, healing and light worker field.

When we are building our careers, it will take more than that intensive weekend workshop.

Jamie’s seven-month certification program has scheduled down time for self-care, space to incorporate what you have learned and gives back to you. You will receive readings, healing sessions and a built in marketing team with your peers as well as posts on Jamie’s social media outlets through out the entire program.

In the 30 years Jamie has been running her own companies she knows the importance of self first, boundaries, budgeting and living your truth but the world doesn’t always support you in that wonderful way. This certification process is the best way Jamie can share with you everything she has learned, struggled with and found balance with. It is time for community over competition, come join Jamie by reserving your spot today. There are only 12 seats in this certification program. To do you this program on your own it would cost over $23,000. It pays to be in a group, to get the discounts and to have a built in community. 

Start Date is January 2020 – July 2020 (April off)

To view the full schedule scan here. Schedule will be updated regularly.
Scan by using your phone camera and a link will appear with the file.
-Class will help held via Zoom
-Times will be on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with 2 weekend dates.  
-Class times average 1-2 hours so you can manage your work schedule and family.


Make a $500 down payment now to reserve your spot here.

Payment Options:
You have options of paying in full: $6000 and receive a $350 discount
You can make two payments; January and May at $3175 each
You can make monthly payments over 6 months (taking April off): $975
You can make monthly payments over 7 months (including April ): $836

Monthly payments are to be made before the 5th of the month and can be make via check or Venmo. We will invoice you each month so you can use your invoice as a business write off.

The topics being covered but not limited to:
Enneagram, Clifton Strengths Finder, Marketing and Branding, Mental Health Awareness, Self Care, Nutrition, Healthy Business Practices, Ethics, Budgeting, Social Media, Memes, Podcast, Filming/ Recording Lessons, Honing in on Your Talent and more. 

Weekly group meetings with Jamie to discuss the reading material, Q and A with spirit, go over topics for meditation and journaling as well as case studies and dyad discussions on your work.

You will have one on one monthly life coaching and Pranic healing sessions and bonus special holiday gift including a numerology reading, astrology, reiki and oracle session just for you.

The team of experts: (links and bios coming soon)
Jamie Butler
Metta Sweet Edge
Colleen McCarthy
Shawn J. Moore
Dawn Myers
Angelica Ray
Dr. Julia Spinolo

A sneak peek at our reading list:
-Radical Acceptance: embracing your life with the heart of a Buddha by Tara Brach PhD
-Meditation as Medicine: activate the power of your natural healing force by Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD
-The Wisdom of the Enneagram: the complete guide to psychological and spiritual growth for the nine personality types by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson
-You are a Badass: how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life by Jen Sincero
-Nonviolent Communication: A language of life by Marshall Rosenberg PhD

Certification Hours Broken Down:
12 hours of Business, Budgeting, Pricing, Start to Finish of running a business, including Podcast, Filming Videos and Live Streaming techniques
12 hours of in depth Enneagram Lessons and test
20 hours with leaders in their field from Self-Care, Nutrition, NVC and Mental Health
12 hours of Marketing, Branding and Clifton Strengths Finder
22 group hours on Ethic, Boundaries, Book Discussions and Honing your Talent
24 hours of Hands on Practice with your craft during your Case Studies
24 hours of practice of Vulnerability, talking about your craft, receiving insight with Compassionate Communication
6 hours of one-on-one Life Coaching
3 hours of private Pranic Healing sessions
Average 12 hours of Self Counseling, Working with Guides through Journal Techniques
72 hours of Meditation with your guides (3 times a week)
4 hours of one-on-one Numerology, Astrology, Oracle Readings and Reiki Healing

Resonating with what you are reading? Reserve your spot.