With Love & Light: True Story About an Uncommon Gift


Jamie’s book, With Love & Light: True Story About an Uncommon Gift, is written in three phases. First pertaining to the background of Jamie Butler’s life. Growing up a Medium is everything you’ve ever imagined and equally as confusing. The book then answers the questions you always wanted to ask a Medium but never had a chance. (Do spirits watch us during sex?) Jamie’s humor shines through the most delicate of topics (spirituality, death, etc.) and amid some of the most incredible enlightening stories. The final portion of the book delves into firsthand accounts of people who have experienced her gift. As the reader you live vicariously for a moment through more than a dozen people’s private interactions and experiences with a true Medium. The connections made and lessons learned will remain with you, even after you finish With Love and Light.

Listen to Brian Mercer of Author Magazine interviewing Jamie about her book.

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