Tree of Life Meditation with Jamie Butler


Live recording of Jamie’s Tree of Life meditation. Reconnect to all of your incarnations, heal and cut cords from what you no longer need and gain the support of all your guides. 32 minutes long.



Jamie recorded her guided Tree of Life meditation during her in person private mediumship class. This meditation connects you to your akashic records. All the incarnations you have chosen to live, all the guides/ angels/ family/ friends/ that have been with you for each of these incarnations can be found within your Tree of Life. This is the first of several mediations regarding the Tree of Life as there are many other ways to explore this space to expand your awakening and reconnect to your stories, lessons and purpose.

In this meditation you will see all of your incarnations in your gallery and enter into the sweet darkness to be supported by all of your guides/ angels/ family/ friends while you cut the cords of the unwanted energy that does not support you. This is a healing on all levels of you and all levels of your incarnations. A very powerful experience. 

This is a live recording and not studio recorded. You will hear some background noise intermittently. 32 mins long