Sound Healing Meditation: releasing old patterns


This guided meditation uses all the senses to work with your subconscious, higher-self and spirit team to release old patterns. You can use this meditation daily for reinforcement or once for the deep release.



This meditation was channeled to me by my guide Charles. You must lay down for this one and put on headphones for the best results. You can also find this meditation as one of the many perks for my YouTube Channel Membership.

If you read on this is a WARNING SPOIL ALERT I am about to talk about what is in the meditation. Some enjoy knowing before entering and others enjoy a surprise. You decided what you need:)

This meditation has many layers to it. He (with my voice) opens up with breath work and connecting to divine love then leading into being honored by your spirit team while they take and place you into a sacred circle surrounded by ancient monks who create vibrations to rattle your energy and release old patterns from your mental, emotional, physical and soul! We hope you enjoy this!!

The meditation begins at the 2:58 mark for those of you who want to repeat the meditation and don’t need the prep work to meditate.

Music was created by Joel_Loopez entitled Buddhist Chants and Bowls Meditation

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