The Field of Possibilities Meditation


Ready to explore the unknown? Find a new expression of what you wish to create? This guided meditation takes you there.


This guided meditation is best listened to with headphones. You may sit or lay down to listen. This is a longer meditation and is based on Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book You Are The Placebo. If you find this meditation beneficial, I suggest researching his body of works. There are three phases to this meditation. But before we begin take the time now to recall a belief or perception in your life that no longer serves you. This could be beliefs about who you are, how you heal, or why you are a certain way. Recall one that you wish to transform and reshape in the field of possibilities. Take time now to observe who this belief or perception has been inhibiting the life you wish to live.

As mentioned, this meditation will have three parts. The first part is allowing you to become aware of your body, the space it uses, and the energy it produces. In this phase, you will be guided to sense, see and connect to space within and around you. Beginning to observe how the energy of who you are and the energy of all that is, is one.

The second part will help you readdress how you focus on who you are by allowing you to come out into the oneness, into the void of all that is to experience yourself apart from your identity. This is a powerful place as it holds no labels, expectations, or assumptions about you or anything else including your future. The place where nothing has been written and everything exists.

The third part will guide you to bring forth that belief or perspective that no longer serves you. You will then have the opportunity to decode it and connect it to a new heightened state of emotions which you crave and love and to a new way of being. You will embody this deeply and greatly that you will be more powerful than the past you. You will then embody this new you through visualizations, imagination, and sensation while it seeds itself into your reality.

Get ready to change up a belief you have that is no longer serving you. Instructions are at the beginning of the meditation. Let’s do this!