Reconnecting the Mind to a New Body


Based on the book, “Becoming Supernatural” by Dr. Joe Dispenza, I have put together the reconnecting the mind to a new body-guided energy exercise, where you use muscle contractions in the lower abdomen and breath work to pull up energy into the brain, and the blessing of the chakras, where you are using imagery and personal blessings to increase the energy frequency and flow.

Note: ❣️there is a 15-minute music break at the end where you will focus on being unlimited, and enjoy the energy work in your body. This is where you embody your work and allow it to become a part of you. So, for 15 minutes I am not guiding you, but you are settling into your greatness.

Note:💕 You will begin this guided experience by sitting down and then you will move to a laying down position. Before you begin make sure you have access to everything you need to lay down.


Through muscle contractions, breath work and visualization, you will wash your brain with new frequencies and create a new body.

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