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Medium Curious
by Sarah Rathke and Jane Morgan

Jane nearly loses it fangirl style in the beginning of this episode with guest Jamie Butler who goes by the moniker ‘Everyday Medium’ – but is we think she is so much more! AND, Jane lets us in on a secret about her first encounter with Jamie 13 years ago – and how she’s been a guiding light in Jane’s journey.

In this super fun episode, Jamie Butler shares her journey from being a natural born medium as a child to embracing her abilities and becoming her true passion, a teacher. She breaks down why it is so important to normalize mediumship and intuitive abilities, and encourages people to trust their own experiences.

Are y’all familiar with trance channeling? Well, Jamie is one! She describes channeling and the different levels of connection with spirit. She explains that everyone has had a channeling moment, from simple conversations to full ‘incorporation’. Jamie shares her own experience with channeling and how she teaches others to enter a trance state. She and Sarah connect on their shared belief about the importance of belief systems as the basis for what is required, as well as the need for boundaries and self-care. Jamie is a truly inspirational guest!

Memorable Quotes

“My passion is teaching. Watching people wake up and have their light come online, it’s like no other feeling.”-Jamie Butler

“Using your intuitive ability is natural and can be applied in everyday decision-making.”-Jamie Butler

“What you believe in is your own truth and knowledge is your only limit.”-Jamie Butler

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