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  1. Tammy Watson
    February 28, 2023

    I had to go to the Oncologist last week for findings of labs taken weeks ago and the Pathologist findings posted for all to see on “My”Chart.’ For 2 very long weeks. When reading the Pathologist findings it didn’t sound good. Went in to talk to the Dr it was NO blood cancer! I was so happy. I did not want a-lot of people worrying and I also needed to wrap my head around it if it wasn’t good news. When my friend and I got into the car, first thing out of his mouth is look at that and right in the middle of the dash was a lady bug and I squealed and said if that’s not a sign I don’t know what is! I almost started crying just because I was so touched. I put my finger out to see if the lady bug would want to get on my hand and it did and so I left it there for a while and gave us the opportunity to go out the window, if it wanted to, and it didn’t want to leave. It was so cool! I love this picture Jamie! The timing was so perfect for me. When I’m back in the pottery studio I know I have a huge inspirational piece ahead of me. What a gift! and now I just saw this sign that you have posted here Jamie. I wish I could blow this picture up and frame it because this truly was, interpreted by me as a gift of love, a hug and a sign of support. This needs to be a gentle reminder to me as we hit those rough patches and feeling very alone, that we really never are! So nice to have a place where I could share my story! For some reason I feel like I am going into a highly pivotal time in my life. Whether good or bad, buckle up Buttercup and remember on the Lady Bug!


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