Appointment Terms


Jamie is currently accepting limited appointments for private Grace Changelings and emergency phone appointments only. Audio Skype is available for those who live outside of the United States, or for those who speak limited English.


Jamie’s pricing is $800 for a one hour private Grace Channeling via phone or Skype and $450 per half hour for emergency phone reading. There is a $100 fee for an additional person joining your session; please note there is a limit to one additional person.


This is a non refundable deposit to hold your appointment and will go towards your final payment. If you need to re-schedule your appointment please do so one week prior to the confirmed appointment date and we will transfer this deposit to the next agreed upon time. If the appointment is completely missed, your payment will be forfeited, please see the terms and agreements on the first page of this form for more details.


We regret any last minute changes or cancellations that that may occur as a result of Jamie’s schedule. If we do need to reschedule a session at the last minute, you will be booked into the next available appointment spot.

Jamie cannot guarantee who will come through during a session, or what information will be delivered.

Each client is responsible for coming to the session with an open mind, and to be open to receiving the information being presented. The information given in a session should NOT be substituted for any professional medical, legal, financial or psychiatric advice or guidance.

Love and Light’s business hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM EST. Please expect all correspondence to occur during these business hours. For more about Jamie’s sessions, please read the sessions page.