The Mindful Soul Series

October 12- November 17

Tuesday and Wednesday on Learn it Live

The Mindful Soul Series is the heart creation of Adaeze Adigweme, MD, MPH, and world-renown medium Jamie Butler. This series utilizes principles of mindfulness, self-compassion, physiologic awareness, positive psychology, and executive coaching principles to support you in cultivating a heart-centered way of life, both personally and professionally. By the end of our time together, our goal is to optimize the alignment of your core values, inherent strengths, and soul purpose with our daily lives.

Adaeze Adigweme, MD, MPH (see bio below) and Jamie Butler will each be teaching one class a week for a total of 14 interactive hours of live-streaming material. Adaeze is leading the Whole Self portion of the series while Jamie is leading the Compassionate Communication portion. See below for a weekly description of course material. 

If you are interested in applying for Jamie Butler’s Mentorship Program this series is a prerequisite.

Whole Self portion led by Adaeze
on Tuesdays at 2 pm EST
Oct. 12 Week 1: Connecting to Your Innate Intelligence (1.5 hours)
In this session, we will do an overview of the many ways in which we can gain insight into inherent intelligence of our body. We will also discuss grounding techniques and the invaluable gift of slowing down to support physiologic awareness. 

Oct. 19 Week 2: Mindfulness and Mind-Body Reintegration (1 hour)
This week we will discuss the many aspects of mindfulness – what it is, what it is not, and how we can incorporate this practice into our daily lives in order to exist in alignment with our mind, body, and soul.

Oct. 26 Week 3: Gaining Insight Into WHO You Are (1 hour)
Building upon the previous lessons, we will begin the process of laying the foundation for whole-hearted living – starting with gaining insight into who you truly are. This will involve a variety of techniques including group exercises, mindful awareness, and compliment this with research-based assessment tools. 

Nov. 2 Week 4: Cultivating Awareness of Your WHY (1 hour)
In this session, we will continue the process of foundation-building by gaining clarity on our innate soul purpose, again utilizing a variety of complementary modalities. 

Nov. 9 Week 5: Harvesting Joy, Self-Compassion, and Wellbeing (1 hour)
In the process of doing our life’s work, we often forget to take time to take care of ourselves and cultivate joy. During this week’s gathering, we will incorporate the various mind-body practices combined with self-compassion and positive psychology principles to support the process of intentionally incorporating joy in our lives. 

Nov. 16 Week 6: Intentional Goal Setting with Self Celebration (1.5 hours)
In this last week, we will utilize all of the tools and lessons learned from our previous sessions to create a strategic action plan for our work and well-being to be in full alignment with our deepest intentions. 


Compassionate Communication led by Jamie Butler
on Wednesdays at 3:30 pm EST. 

Oct. 13 Week 1: What is Compassionate Communication? (1.5 hours)
            a. Give overall for the class. Discuss class layout plans and agree on the best policies to
                be present. Get approvals to create dyads for the 6 weeks.
            b. This is a Lifestyle, not a Technique: it is easier to be mean than heartfelt.
            c. OFNR to self and to others.
            d. List Agenda for next class

Oct. 20 Week 2: Breaking Down the O in OFNR (1 hour)
            a. Observation versus Evaluation or Opinion
                Lesson: getting neutral and being without triggers as an energy-centric person.
                Judgment, diagnosis, critic, and blame are set aside.
            b. Receiving Observation from others
            c. Energy currents in our body, where is neutral.
            d. List Agenda for next class. Give out printable emotion and needs cards for next class
            e. Dyad work/homework

Oct. 27 Week 3: Breaking Down the F in OFNR (1 hour)  
            a. Feelings versus Thoughts or Assumptions
                Lesson: Being able to identify your emotional state. Lay out both sets of cards, I feel
                ___________because I need _____________.
            b. Sensing the feelings of others
            c. Anger and NVC
            d. Dyad work/homework: Self Empathy exercise.

Nov. 3 Week 4: Breaking Down the N in OFNR  (1 hour)      
            a. Needs Identification
                Lesson: Broadening and deepening your awareness of motivation. Highlighting where
                your indoctrination comes from.
            b. Sensing the needs of others
            c. Relationships and NVC
            d. Dyad work. Homework: downloadable meditation see below

Nov. 10 Week 5: Breaking Down the R in OFNR (1 hour)
            a. Request versus a Demand
                Lesson: Able to identify yourself in the flow with others. As a sensitive person moving
                forward with the community instead of isolating oneself due to hurt or disappointment.  
                Creating doable, positive requests.
            b. Receiving Requests from others
            c. Leadership and NVC
            d. Dyad work/homework

Nov. 17 Week 6: Working Through Limits (1.5 hours)
            a. Translating Stagnant Language into Process Language
            b. Accepting our Responsibility
            c. Lifework (no more homework, series is complete)



Adaeze Adigweme, MD, MPH is a healer, coach, physician, wellbeing strategist, and healing arts advocate. She received her Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Masters of Public Health (MPH) degrees from Emory University School of Medicine’s Dual Degree Program. She is also a Certified Personal Development and Executive Coach through the CAPP Institute. Dr. Adigweme created Align + Aspire Coaching and Consulting in which she specializes in serving individuals who suffer from burnout, high levels of stress, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome. She combines her medical expertise with research-based positive psychology principles to assist clients in understanding the mental and physical impacts of stress, establishing a mind-body connection, as well as gaining clarity on inherent strengths, purpose, core values, and limiting mindsets. With this information, she partners with her clients to execute an action plan in order to decrease stress, increase resiliency, and strategically accomplish their goals in alignment with their deepest intentions. She also coaches medical students and residents in the same areas of focus. 

ALIGN with your deepest intentions. ASPIRE with purpose. ACT with clarity.
Website :
IG and FB: @alignandaspire