JBMentorship January 2023


Applications for this group are open.
The next session begins on January 2023 and runs through October 2023. The bi-weekly (every other week) meet-up day is to be determined. If you are interested please email us at: info@jamiebutlermedium.com

Meetings are held via live stream on Learn it Live every other week on Tuesdays at 10 am EST. 

When we are consciously building a business,
it will take more than an intensive weekend workshop.

The one-day classes and intensive workshops aren’t enough for empathic, highly sensitive, and psychic entrepreneurs to fully integrate their energy work within their business. We need time to connect to the material and embody it, not just ‘learn’ it. So many times we are left to our own devices after a class with no instructor to check in with, just a lot of links and encouraging memes…well, not anymore. 

Over ten months you will embark on a 208+ hour certification program that aligns you with your craft, passion, and business goals. Jamie designed this live, virtual, and engaging certification process to be in bite-sized pieces so you can still take on your personal life while you are embodying what it is to be an energy-centric entrepreneur.

Jamie’s ten-month certification program is a community-based support system. Using What’s App you will be able to reach out to fellow mentees and Jamie throughout the process. There are every other weekly morning group meetings that cover topics from business branding, marketing to client’s needs, healing techniques, and how to prioritize yourself while reaching the goals you create. You will be working with your peers doing case studies while discovering nonviolent communication and getting to know your personality type through the Enneagram. Each month you will receive an energy-centric service that you pick from a list of JBM approved practitioners. This will range from Pranic Healing, astrology, Reiki, to numerology, and more or you can choose to have 10 months of Intuitive Coaching from a listing of available coaches. Each month you will privately meet one on one with Jamie and your spirit team to do a 30 minutes check-in and discuss what is alive for you. 

The goal is to authentically and confidently express
your intuitive self within your business. 

Spend this dedicated time combing through your craft, exploring new ideas, and passion in a consciously organized, yet flexible schedule. Each participant will merge with a greater awareness of their energy-centric gift and the confidence to pursue it within their business outlet.

Throughout the last half of the mentorship, Jamie slowly introduces you to her social media outlets through hosting interviews with the mentees and inviting you to teach with her on The Center for Love and Light’s virtual platform and to attend future Meeting of the Mind groups which support like-minded businesses globally. Your bio and links will also be included on the JBM website. 

In the 30 years, Jamie has been running her own companies, she knows the importance of self first, establishing boundaries, budgeting, and living your truth. This certification process is the best way Jamie can share with you everything she has learned, including the challenges and the breakthroughs.

JBMentorship allows Community over Competition.

Come join Jamie by reserving one of the 12 spots in the JBMentorship certification program today by emailing info@jamiebutlermedium.com and creating a short video answering a small list of questions. Jamie and her spirit team handpick the 12 that will work together for the 2022  mentorship. Please know that this mentorship relies on each person to stay in the program for its full duration as a majority of the program is relying on the responsibilities of each mentee.

The topics covered in the JBMentorship are but are not limited to:

Enneagram, NonViolent Communication, Marketing and Branding, Mental Health Awareness, Self Care, Healthy Business Practices, Ethics, Budgeting, Social Media, Memes, Podcast, Filming/ Recording Lessons, Honing in on Your Talent, and more. 

Reading List:
  • The Wisdom of the Enneagram: the complete guide to psychological and spiritual growth for the nine personality types by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson
  • Nonviolent Communication: A language of life by Marshall Rosenberg PhD
Payment Options:
  • You have options of paying in full: $7750 ($500 savings)
  • You can make two payments; January and May at $4025 ($200 savings)
  • You can make monthly payments over 10 months of $825

Monthly payments are to be made before the 5th of the month and can be made via Zelle or Venmo. We will invoice you each month so you can use your invoice as a business write-off.

If you have any questions please reach out to info@jamiebutlermedium.com
We look forward to hearing from you.