i want to learn

What great serendipity!

You want to learn more about subtle light energy, light healing or even how to communicate to your spirit guides or loved ones. I and my spirit team have the classes to help you grow into your natural intuitive abilities and build a stronger trust in those abilities. My philosophy is when we are learning new concepts and belief systems (which often challenge the belief systems we have in place) that humor is the best option. You will find in my events there are plenty of giggles and room to answer your questions whatever they may be. There are no stupid questions. I am grateful you would consider my events as a way to get more in touch with your sensitivities. I offer different styles in learning for any level.

i like online classes

I want to find prerecorded and live stream classes from basic energy concepts to advance mediumship channeling skills.

i need classes/workshops

I want to build my connection to energy. I like to have like-minded people around to challenge me to grow.

i want to catch a live stream

 I want to understand how you approach energy work and concepts before diving into classes/workshops and trance channeling events.

Here is a Quick List of $10 Classes you can take now by clicking HERE
Jamie has a series of energy-centric classes where you can take one or all, and in whatever order, you would like.

Class #1 What is Energy?

Class #2 Energy as Sited in the Bible

Class #3 Energy in the Body and How it Moves

Class #4 Chakras and Their Purpose

Class #5 Fun Energy Exercises to Help Build Stronger Connection to Sensing Energy

Class #6 Blocked Chakras and Energy

Class #7 Chakra Class: Red: Root Chakra

Class #8 Chakra Class: Orange: Sacral Chakra

Class #9 Chakra Class: Yellow: Solar Plexus Chakra

Class #10 Chakra Class: Green: Heart Chakra

Class #11 Chakra Class: Blue: Throat Chakra

Class #12 Chakra Class: Indigo: Third Eye Chakra

Class #13 Chakra Class: Violet: Crown Chakra

Class #14 Chakra Class: Brown: Earth Chakra & White: Higher Consciousness Chakra