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Approaching Trance Channeling Series- Part 1

January 28, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

The Approaching Trance Channeling series with Jamie Butler will consist of two 8 week sections of live, virtual classes once per week. These one-hour classes are designed to assist the participants in becoming comfortable with creating personal intents, cleaning the energetic body, meeting their spirit team, embracing their unique spiritual abilities, and much more. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and make comments through the live chat thread.

Each class will have exercises/ homework to be completed throughout the week. The at-home practice will help solidify the lessons taught throughout the series. This way, not only are the classes informative, but also support a lot of outside practice, so at the end of it all, you will be comfortable with trance channeling. All classes will be recorded and be able to view again and again.

The cost for the full 16 class series is $590 which will be broken down into two payments of $295, one for each 8-week section. Part one takes place January 14-March 4 and is listed below & part two begins on March 18. Registration and classes will take place on Learn it Live HERE

Part One

Class 1: Create Intent, Boundaries, and How to Protect Yourself-

January 14

A. Create your Intent

B. Discover how boundaries are built on personal belief systems

C. How protection can block you from experiences

Homework: What is your purpose for channeling? What do you want to get out of it?

Put your spiritual goals on paper.

Reading The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer will pair nicely with classes 1-4 and is highly recommended.


Class 2: Cleaning Energy and Rooting in the Neutral Energy Current-

January 21

A. The three energy currents in the body and their importance

B. Quick lesson with the chakras

C. Avoid triggers by staying in neutral current

Homework: Clearing energy techniques to do daily and staying in a neutral mind.


Class 3: Types of Channeling and Trance State-

January 28

A. What are the different trance states paired with states of brain waves?

B. Learn different approaches to channeling

C. Discuss several types of trance channeling

Homework: A meditation on the rainbow layers of energy, Jamie will provide an audio mediation.


Class 4: Meditation to Locate the Thin Veil with the Gatekeeper and Team-

February 4

A. Live meditation to locate the doorway from your energy into your body

B. Meet your spirit gatekeeper who will help assist you in staying protected

C. Assistance with opening up to the language within you.

Homework: The vow of silence for 24 hours.


Class 5: Meditation to Connect to Spirit-

February 11

A. Learn Maitland’s bridge meditation

B. Create a sanctuary that builds and supports your channeling

C. Automatic writing to stay in touch with spirit

HW: Build a healthy relationship with your gatekeeper through automatic writing practice.


Class 6: Sharing Space with Spirit at the Right Time and Setting-

February 18

A. When do you choose to channel? How are you?

B. What do you need from your channeling space?

C. Who do you choose to channel for?

Homework: Red light technique.


Class 7: How to Talk About Your Spiritual Abilities-

February 25

A. Learn your language around trance channeling

B. History of trance channeling, including religious origins

C. What is in a 20-second pitch?

Homework: Make your 20-second pitch.


Class 8: Astral projection, OBE, and How to Achieve Getting Out of the Physical Body-March 4

A. The difference between astral and OBE

B. Various techniques: binaural beats, rocking, going through the rainbow layers

C. In what ways are you truly tethered to the physical body? Set your belief system straight!

Homework: Practice OBE journeys, Jamie will give you binaural music to use over break until part 2.

In addition to the scheduled class time, The Approaching Trance Channeling Series will have 4 additional 1 hour Q & A sessions with Jamie. This time will give the participants extra opportunity to ask questions about their homework and share experiences with fellow students.
The 4 extra sessions are included in the class price and all registered students will be sent a code to join. All sessions will be recorded. The additional Q&A sessions can be accessed HERE

*The Content in this series is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.