Compassionate Communication

Saturday July 20th, 2024  10am-4pm EST
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invite everyone you know to join you, have a good time learning

Through my years of teaching spirituality, I have come to find that there are a few fundamental skills that are required for one to feel truly connected and free from the false boundaries placed on us through our environment.

These fundamentals being compassionate communication, mindfulness, and the practice of acceptance & gratitude.

The first skill to focus on is communication as this will affect all avenues of your life. This kind of communication is not just any way of speaking. This is speaking and listening from the heart, known as compassionate communication.

When you are able to communicate from the heart, the use of judgments, either favorable such as compliments or unfavorable such as complaints, will fall to the wayside. You will be able to connect with the person you are speaking with and hear their need behind the words they are sharing. This is the same approach I take with spirits, energy, and even self talk. There will be less conflict as you will become less triggered by a person’s word choice and more interested in what they are trying to convey. As a listener you will be in alignment with fulfilling both your needs and the other’s needs. After all isn’t this why we engage in conversation?

Take this six-week series with me and explore the compassion in communication. I aim my teachings more towards highly sensitive people, so throughout the classes you will hear me talk about subtle light energy as well as frequencies and vibrations. Even if you feel you are not a sensitive, this series will still support you. I teach with a flare of humor and truly enjoy creating experiences and practices for you to have in class and at home with your homework. Purchase one ticket and encourage as many family members and friends to join you. The more the merrier. I am fully aware, for the price of one many may benefit, but the goal here is to focus on your growth and by having a tribe around, this will help you in assimilating the information more than ever.

I look forward to sharing time with you and watching you get more grounded, gain confidence and express empathy all while having a casual conversation. If you have questions about this series, please email me at

Class 1:  Compassionate Communication: OFNR: Observation and Pause
Jamie will get agreeance on best policies for showing up and go over the goals for the series. We will vote on dyad work as some will want to partner up with classmates and other will want to do their practice on their own with friends and family.

– This is a Lifestyle, not a Technique: it is easier to be mean than heartfelt.
– OFNR to self and to others.
– Observation versus Evaluation or Opinion
       Lesson: getting neutral and being without triggers as an energy-centric person & judgment, diagnosis, critic, and blame                       are set aside.
– Receiving Observation from others
– Energy currents in our body, where is neutral.
– Give printable needs cards for next class
-Dyad/Homework: Share a story about your day using factual terms only.

Class 2: Observation with Needs
Together we will check in with each other. Then we will look at needs and why they are there.

– Checking in with Judgement & keeping clear observations
– Needs Identification
       Lesson: Broadening and deepening your awareness of motivation. Highlighting where your indoctrination comes from.                        Asking, what do I need?
– Sensing the needs of others
– Give out printable emotion cards for next class
– Dyad/Homework: Share what you need with others. Layout cards while you go over trying situations and see what cards       stand out to you. If in a dyad, listen to your dyads trying situation, look at the need’s cards, and guess what the need is.         Get confirmation from your partner.

Class 3: I Feel _________
Together we will check in and begin to discover our emotions. It is common for a person to wedge everything they feel into   eight emotions only when there are endless expressions of emotions. We will address the true meaning of empathy.

– Feelings versus Thoughts or Assumptions
       Lesson: Being able to identify your emotional state. Lay out both sets of cards, I feel  ___________because I need                             _____________.
– Sensing the feelings of others
– Anger and NVC
– Dyad work/homework: Self Empathy exercise or expressing empathy with your dyad partner.

Class 4: Ask for It.
Speaking up and out is powerful so we will talk about using it to the benefit of all.

– Request versus a Demand
       Lesson: Able to identify yourself in the flow with others. As a sensitive person moving forward with the community                                instead of isolating oneself due to hurt or disappointment.  
– Creating doable, positive requests.
– Receiving Requests from others
– Dyad: Use the OFNR with your dyad partner. Homework: Guided Meditation

Class 5: Everyday Street Language
Using compassionate communication in an everyday way.

– Translating Stagnant Language into Process Language
– Accepting Responsibility
– Relationships and Compassionate Communication           
– Dyad work/homework

Class 6: Working Through Your Limits
Limits are no longer stopping points but places to grow and expand awareness. You are developing a lifestyle not using a technique. This session will help you integrate your experiences into your foundations.