The Verity Certification


noun: verity
a true principle or belief, especially one of fundamental importance.

Life is fast paced these days and the one-day classes and intensive workshops aren’t enough for empathic, highly sensitive and psychic people to integrate their work. We need time to connect to the material and embody it, not just learn it. So many times we are left to our own demises after a class with no instructor to check in with, just a lot of links and encouraging memes…..well, not any more. 

Over seven months you will embark on a 282 hour certification program getting you aligned with your craft, passion and business goals all while practicing receiving. Eight experts in their field will be with you as you gain more clarity about your purpose and life’s mission. Jamie designed this online certification process to be in bite sized pieces so you can still take on what life is dishing while you are making plans to be an entrepreneur in the energy reading, healing and light worker field.

When we are building our careers, it will take more than that intensive weekend workshop.

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6 month business activation program for energy readers, healers & workers