Talking eBoard: Your Connection With the Spirit World

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The Talking eBoard is closely related to the traditional Ouija board and provides a fun and unique experience for communicating with spirits. But what makes this particular eBoard special is the fact that it reflects the distinctive voice and personality of Erik Rune Medhus from the Channeling Erik blog. This eBoard also has an unusual sliding scale from “No” to “Yes,” time of day icons, and all of Erik’s favorite quotes. Your answers will come across quicker when spirits use these easy icons and sayings.  

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Is eBoard different than Ouija?
The eBoard is similar to the Egyptian Luck Boards created by Elijah J. Bond in 1890 — but with a modern kick! The original boards were made of solid wood and cost only $1.50. In 1966, Parker Brothers purchased the rights to the Ouija Board and opened manufacturing facilities in Salem, MA. Ouija is now a registered trademark.

Why Erik?
Erik would be the first to admit that he is no Oracle of Delphi. He does not claim to be a Dalai Lama, the Great Messiah, a mountaintop guru, or even a wise sage. No, he is a flawed being who, like many of us, has battled his own dragons both inward and outward. Perhaps because of his foibles, he has a deep understanding of the human experience. However young, flawed and imperfect, Erik is a voice worth hearing.

Why the dirty language?
Try not to get hung up on the language — it is the intent behind the words that matters. Erik has a potty mouth but refuses to compromise his voice to accommodate those who are shy about a few dirty words. Remember, what you believe is your truth. Erik’s words carry a vibrational quality from the intent and use of the word. Erik ensures you that every word on the eBoard is done in play and meant to give you a little fun and lots to discuss.

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2 reviews for Talking eBoard: Your Connection With the Spirit World

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joanna K

    I used one that my friend has!
    It was the best experience ever and so emotional to be able to have a conversation with my grandad !!!!!
    I would do everything to have my own eBoard!
    Does anyone have one and wants to sell, please???? x x

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joanna K

    ps. if you do my email is

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