Life Force, Streetique Room Sprays by not a kult™


by Not a Kult: anti-fungal room spray to use as an energetic defense, offense or just because it smells so damn fine.

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anti-fungal room spray at 3.4 fl. oz.

what: keep the yay-holes out and good vibes in. use this instant energy blocker before entering into life’s chaos or before that shit enters your space. made with pure, potent essential oils that bring in light and happiness like a metaphoric wall for your pad, your thoughts, your energy. use as a defense, offense or just because it smells so damn fine.

when: spritz on anything (you, them, the room) that needs to block out bad vibes when life gets too real.

potent essential oils inside: pink grapefruit, sweet orange, lemongrass, rosemary

made with love, light, and no f you’s.

Streetique Room Sprays by not a kult.™
our formulas are handcrafted, small-batched and created by spiritual medium, Jamie Butler, with help from the dead so you can feel alive. each pure, potent, essential oil blend has been intentionally chosen for its energetic, healing and mood-boosting benefits. while we can’t legally claim it “heals” you, we can say it’s like 1,347 baby angels massaging your senses.

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not a kult.
more fun, more fucks, more luxe.